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I nostri vini

the 1000 facets of our merlots

Surrounded by 10,5 hectares of vineyards, the "Terreni alla Maggia" winery with agricultural specialities produces a representative selection of "Terroir" wines, ranging from the more traditional "Merlot" wine to the rediscovered "Bondola" grape, right up to the more refined qualities of wine that are barrique matured, with grapes specifically selected by our wine-experts.



    Thanks to aging in small French oak barrels for 24 months, we have obtained a very complex bouquet. The taste is typical of an excellent Merlot, combined with sweet spices, well integrated tannins and long persistence. Thanks to these characteristics, the vintage 2016 received the award for the best Merlot in Switzerland.


    Querceto is produced only in limited quantities from selected Merlot grapes with high sugar content. The French barrels give this wine a fine and enveloping taste with an intense aroma with spicy notes of vanilla and cocoa. It is aged for about 18 months exclusively in new French barriques. These unique fine wines are full-bodied and persistent, which is why they can be wonderfully combined with sophisticated cuisine.


    Our Chardonnay vine is grown in Ascona and in Locarno. Thanks to warm and dry summers, a fine and exquisite product is created, which ferments in new French barrique barrels to produce this delicious drop. Citrus fruits, pineapple and a light boisée note - paired with a roasted aroma - make this wine stand out. Goes well with aperitifs, starters, fish, white meat, poultry and spicy dishes.



    The Giubileo is a modern Merlot wine with a rich and elegant body. It was produced to celebrate the 75th anniversary of our winery. Today, after fifteen years, it accompanies us with its notes of red fruits, balsamic and vanilla to celebrate our 90th anniversary. This wine goes particularly well with local cuisine, pasta, meat and game.


    Our red wine with the sovereign name of Barbarossa - Emperor of the Roman-German Empire - is a 100% Merlot. It is characterised by its carefully integrated tannins, elegance and persistence and surprises with notes of blackberries, red forest berries and cherries in the spirit. The well-structured Riserva is stored in large wooden barrels and goes perfectly with polenta, roasts, game dishes and cheese.


    Like a filigree melody, here the blend is composed with Cabernet Franc and  Cabernet Sauvignon- The red wine, partially aged in barriques, shows fine tannins and good structure with a hint of strawberries and dried fruit. 


    The packagers brought it to us: the Kerner grape variety, known mainly in the north, has become part of our D.O.C. This light yet elegant wine is particularly appreciated for its intense floral bouquet. It tastes full-bodied and has an attractive structure. Our Kerner goes well with starters, asparagus preparations, fish, but also with poultry and fresh cheese.

I fruttati


    This intense rosé from Merlot grapes is light and elegant with the typical Merlot notes. It combines fruity freshness and elegance and with its liveliness it goes well with aperitifs, pasta, pizza and - according to its name "partridge" - of course also with poultry.


    This wine biological is intense and complex with fruity notes of small red fruits, cassis and fresh fruits with cherry notes.


    The purple colour corresponds to its aroma: the 100% Bondola wine - it comes geographically from the upper part of our canton - seduces with fruity notes of currant, wild berries, rose and violet. The grape is an autochthonous delicacy from this region. The beautiful acidity and the persistent perfume make the medium structured Bondola a wine for every occasion.


    This white wine made from Merlot grapes with its balanced structure is a true part of Ticino tradition. It tastes light, dry and fresh. "Der Feldhase", which incidentally was once at home in the Magadino Plain, is particularly popular as an aperitif with its fine and fruity aroma.


    This fine and fruity white wine is made from Merlot grapes, fermented in new barriques and matured for 10 months. Its full and dry aroma makes it ideal to accompany aperitifs, starters, fish and crustaceans.


    The Merlot matured in stainless steel tanks is produced with grapes from Ascona and Locarno. It is uncomplicated, soft and yet with the fine structure that is characteristic of all our wines. "The Nightingale" is flowery and lively in taste. Goes well with risotto, Ticino plates or barbecues.


    The Bianca Maggiore and the Kerner, which are kept for 12 months in terracotta amphorae and after a short fermented for a short time in barriques, produce a wine full of character wine full of character, in which the aromatic expressions of these two grape varieties blend.

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